Research & Development

POLVIN utilises a full in house Polymer Laboratory, for product testing, development and colour matching.
Equipment and staff includes two Chemists,
Shore A/D and BSS hardness testers, and associated testing methods
Relative Density Determination, accurate to four decimal places
Light box for colour determination, with 6 light sources, including UV and Infra Red.
Vicat sotening point apparatus
HPMV Accelerated weathering testing
Natural Weathering testing capabilities
High accuracy impact testing utilising Gardiner, and two types of ASTM testers.
Charpy tensile impact tester
High accuracy digital tensile and elongation at break tester
Oil Resistance analysis
Laboratory scale high speed mixing facility for small batch production and analysis
Small scale mill for accurate colour matching and sample preparation.
25mm labratory extruder with various dies
Labratory press, for pressing samples, for accurate sample preparation
Plasticiser extraction analysis apparatus
Cold bend analysis
Several Wallace aging ovens for Electric cable compound aging analysis
Testing to Australian, ASTM and DIN standards. All Test methods on site.
Loss in Mass (volatility) analysis
Heat Shock testing equipment
Insulation resistance analysis (Volume resistivity) with the latest digital equipment
Limiting Oxygen Index Analysis
Brabender rheology testing for Rigid compound development